Alexander / Lisenbee Scholarship

The Alexander Lisenbee Annual Scholarship Fund was established by one of our members to assist a college student in need of financial aid. The scholarship honors the memory of Nellie Alexander, an 84-year member of the Middleburg United Methodist Church, and her daughter, Ann Alexander Lisenbee, born in 1922, who grew up in this church. It is awarded annually by Cheryl Lisenbee Andrews and/or her immediate family heirs.

The Alexander family was a solid presence in the Town of Middleburg and surroundings from the 1700s. In the early 1900s, Nellie and her husband Richard owned the land bordered by Route 50 (Washington Street), The Plains Road and West Federal Street, which was known then as Alexander Corners.

They raised six children of their own, plus four of her brother’s children when that brother divorced and could no longer care for them, in the white house that still stands on that property. They instilled among all their children and 26 grandchildren the importance of the local church and of education.

After Mrs. Alexander’s passing in 1994 and Ann Lisenbee in 2000, Cheryl, Ann and Forrest Lisenbee’s daughter, and Nellie Alexander’s oldest granddaughter, who also spent much of her childhood in Middleburg, decided to honor their memory with a scholarship program for the youth of Middleburg United Methodist Church.

Thus the Nellie Gray Alexander and Ann Alexander Lisenbee Scholarship was created.

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