Church History

Middleburg United Methodist Church had its start prior to 1829.  However, no records exist to its actual beginning as a Methodist congregation.  We started as a society, worshiping with the  Anglican church.  We, as with the other churches of Middleburg, trace our history back to the Free Church of Middleburg.

In 1829 the Methodists erected their first building on Jay Street approximately 60 feet from the intersection of Jay and Marshall Streets.  In 1858 that building was given to the black Methodist congregation.  It was renamed the Asbury Methodist Church.

Land was purchased for our present church located on the corner of Washington and Pendleton Streets on December 17, 1857.  The lot was donated by William and Lucinda Rawlings and Edwin C. & Catherine B. Broun.  Work began in 1858 to build the present structure.  During the Civil War the unfinished structure was frequently used as a hospital for the wounded  Confederate troops.  The use of our church is mentioned in James J. Williamson’s book, Mosby Rangers.

The building has been remodeled several times during the years 1908, 1933 and 1949.  In 1981 plans were initiated to renovate the old educational wing and to add a new one.  The work was completed in 1989.  The new educational wing includes classrooms, the church office and pastor’s study.  A new parsonage was purchased in 1974.  There were renovations to the parsonage during the year 2002.

The church became a station appointment in 1949.  Formerly it has been on the Upperville, Aldie,Unison and Mountville circuit.  Throughout the years there have been forty-nine ministers appointed to the Middleburg United Methodist Church.  The complete list of pastors is in the narthex of the church.  Our present pastor, Steve Weedling is our 49th pastor. The Middleburg United Methodist Church shares outreach ministries to the community by housing Seven Loaves Food Bank.


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